This is Waterfall’s interview with Nicolas F. Bruno in June 2012.

Where are you based?
Northport, NY

Could you describe your work for us?
A handshake from an unsettling stranger. The work I create is a brief physical embrace with the obscure side of my creative conscience.

Do you have a creative process you can share with us?
My work is inspired by my frequent episodes of sleep paralysis [more info]. Sleep paralysis has been a reoccurring thing for me. I draw inspiration from the strange occurrences that I experience.

Nicolas F. Bruno

How long have you been doing this for?
Age 15.

What inspired you to start doing this?
An extreme interest in fantasy works such as Legend of Zelda, a nack for urban exploration, and the urge to express my artistic vision to the world.

Is there anyone’s work you think we should checkout?

Do you have any projects planned?
Hopefully I will have the opportunity to visit Iceland and Italy for an urban exploration + surrealism tour. I will combine them as a two part series in book form once finished. Now for the hard road of generating the funds…

What’s the best website on the internet?

What’s been the best way to get your work seen?
Shameless self promotion. Ah, the life of a student…

Nicolas F. Bruno

How does the future look for your work?
For my work itself, dark and dreary; in a good way. For my artistic career, Bright. Ready to take on the world.

If you’d like to see more of Nicolas’s work you can do so by checking out his Flickr and his Facebook.


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