This is Waterfall’s interview with Oleg Maykhopar in June 2012.

Where are you based?
Half a year in Ukraine, half a year all around the world coz I’m a sailor.

Could you describe your work for us?
Um, it’s hard and boring muscle work onboard of a ship without fun for 6 months. But if you mean my pictures (of course you do because you’re an art zine), I can’t apply the word “work” according to my pics. I just do it, and have fun if the picture looks good to me. Sounds pretty simple and silly but that is the only description.

Do you have a creative process you can share with us?
Take a walk with best friends, feel like I’m on top, breathe deep and hold the feeling of love and happiness in my chest with camera in my pocket.

Oleg Maykhopar

Oleg Maykhopar

How long have you been doing this for?
I’ve been doing this since I was born, but I created my flickr account in 2009.

What inspired you to start doing this?
My mother! And then the surroundings. And then Anastasia Mleko from bloc4.

Is there anyone’s work you think we should checkout?
Honestly I’m not too much inside of seeking someone’s pictures, but I can say two names instantly: Sasha Kurmaz and Kirill Savchenkov. Also I like sites Tinyvices (Tim Barber) with all content inside and Holyghostzine is very interesting for me too, oh and also this guy who took picture of the man on board the fishing boat, wearing fishingman outfit, horse mask and holding a cat! He is also a sailor.

Do you have any projects planned?
The main project I plan is to live my life like I want and improve my skills in things I like to do. I just want to try to do my thing! To be honest I have different ideas every day but next day it looks to me too simple and shallow. I think that my stuff is far from to be art, it’s just basic self expression, but my goal is to reach the point when my spirit will become equal to things I do and to way I express myself and vice versa. So when people will see my stuff they will say “Wow, that’s so deep!” and then when they’ll come home they’ll push their faces into pillows and cry.

What’s the best website on the internet?
Wikipedia of course!

Could you recommend any equipment for our list?
I use Olympus mju2 and Olympus XZ-1. Also I like iphones, sport multy-speed bicycles and black latex outfits. I want to buy these three things.

Oleg Maykhopar

Do you have a favourite book or film you can recommend?
My favourite book is “Marthen Iden” of Jack London. Now I read Abraham’s Maslow books. About films, I reccomend “Brat” and “Brat 2″ (means brother in Russian) also I watch a lot of porno but i like films with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling. Steve Bushchemi, this big funny guy from Hangover too.

Do you have a Spotify playlist or any music discoveries you would like to share?
My playlist is Midwest emo, sadcore, some hip hop, some lo-fi rock\punk. Favourite bands\artists are Interpol, Lebanon Hanover, Best Coast, Chromatics, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Mineral, Carissa’s Weird, Kendrick Lamar, Wacka Flocka, Krovostok. I’d like to say it’s my ipod’s playlist for now. I like some underground russion hip hop. I like music very much, It’s big part of my life, I’m fan of the pitchfork and I listen everything they write about. But I don’t like to reccomend anything. My music taste is subjective, so better to let people decide what they want without my reccomendations, I only can recommend to be more open minded and try to do their things.

What’s been the best way to get your work seen?
Type the address of my flickr in your google chrome address panel.

Oleg Maykhopar

How does the future look for your work?
It looks like nothing, like empty space and I’m the only one who can fill it. I have no big planns, projects etc. Everything I did was instanly and accidently, that is my way. I just want to say that I’m not the arty kind of man, who knows a lot about theory of art and who plans his work like he is a speaker of art conceptions. All stuff I did was taken without any idea, but with feeling. I can even say more. When I take a picture I feel, and only then I analyse what I did. I know only that I want to improve my skills and my taste somehow, I want to learn theory of art, improve esthetic feeling, but by the way I want to keep it childish and free of any marks and prejudices.

I live the present. Right now I’m answering your questions and it looks pretty cool to me. Maybe it has feature, maybe no. The chain of random cases will make my fate. Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture that will make me famous or maybe my ship will collapse. Life at sea teaches not to plan so much. The only thing I know about my feature, I will always try to do my thing! (Sorry, I’ve just listened too much of the new Waka Flocka Flame’s release).

Do you have a link to your work so that we can see more?
Of course I do :3


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