We caught up with Jake Slee recently about the imminent launch of his new book Pierce Brosnans Big Idea. This is what we found out…

Where are you based?
Kingston upon Thames, but I come from North Devon.

Can you tell us a bit about Pierce Brosnans Big Idea?
This book was born out of my love for collaboration, one of the most important parts of any art discipline is the social impact not only for the viewer, but the creator as well.

We all look at work everyday and have our own ideas and experiences when viewing it but I wanted to built on it and show people an image that I created or found and let them act on and change it as they see fit. The book features ten images created by myself and ten other artists and designers who reworked one image each. All the artists I choice to contribute to the project people who are I feel currently are doing brilliant work, mainly graphic designers who have a keen interest in experimental aesthetics.

All the images I choose have real meaning to myself but the main concept behind the book was the process in how it was made. In electronic music it is common place for songs to be remixed but I had not seen images been approached in the same in visual arts so I wanted to see what results would come of it.

pierce brosnans big idea

Is this your first project like this?
Yeah, it’s my first book. I really love doing collaborative projects but I suppose its the first time I have actually got something together. As an idea it started as something completely different and kind of developed into a presentation of experimental aesthetics, something I have been really into for a while.
I like working with random or sporadic narratives which kind of gives the no point of reference so then it can be judged as an individual body of work although there will small segments that the viewer might have his or her own connection with.

Personally, I am loving the experimental aesthetics scene at the moment. I do, however find that the best stuff is hard for me to articulate into words, I get a strange feeling from observing it, kind of similar to how I feel when I listen to the Pixies. Can you elaborate on what you believe makes an image successful to you?
Cor’ that’s a tricky one. I love textures, colours and patterns but don’t we all? I really like seeing something that catches me off guard and it’s just like ‘WHOA, THATS SICK’. I suppose different ideas that you wouldn’t usually put together are displayed together in the same image or are not that hugely touched on in art and design, for example football in art I always love to see. I suppose I quite like work that feels raw and organic, even stuff made on a computer can be organic but honesty is the most important thing in art for me. Work with the things you know best and are closest to you or you have experienced first hand. I hope that kinda answers the question?

I think the image re-mix idea is a great concept that adds more depth to the book. Would you consider taking this concept further, perhaps daisy chaining an art-off around the world to see what comes out at the other end?
Someone kind of suggested the chinese whisper (that isn’t politically correct is it?) idea when I was discussing the book initially, and it has been on my mind for a while so keep your eyes out in the future. Letting people act on their visual experience after viewing a work doesn’t seem half as common as I would have been. Lets hope people will like it ‘ey.

How has the road to becoming self published been?
It’s been a pretty short road so far, although it has taken a while to refine the idea. Its just been nice to see the idea come from where it started and to have a finished product because I don’t finish half as many projects as I should.

pierce brosnans big idea

Could you offer any advice to anyone starting out themselves?
It’s pretty early for me to say but there is one thing I will say is to talk to people, email them… Whatever. There’s some pretty nice guys out there who are willing to give people a helping hand.

How can we get hold of a copy of Pierce Brosnan’s Big Idea?
I have just launched a publishing group and online shop. You can find it at www.bd123.bigcartel.com or pop into Beach, a super sweet gallery just off Brick Lane. They do some marvellous stuff in there.

How can we see more of your work?
Just tumblr I am afraid at the moment… www.jakeslee.tumblr.com


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