This is Waterfall’s interview with Michel Nguie in March 2012

Where are you based?
Bordeaux (france).

Could you describe your work for us?
Photography means writing with the light so I try and I learn alone to write poetry.

Do you have a creative process you can share with us?
No, I adapt to the circumstances. It’s often spontaneous and almost unthinking.

How long have you been doing this for?
I began the photography 4 years ago. I am self-educated.

Do you have a favourite book or film you can recommend?
My favorite book is the Holy Bible. It’s my spiritual food.

Is there anyone’s work you think we should checkout?
No there isn’t .. My photographic culture is very poor ..

Do you have any projects planned?
Yes! Renew my passport, clean my bathroom and see my mom .. 

What’s the best website on the internet?
I don’t know ..

What’s been the best way to get your work seen?
Probably my flickr. Currently I expose at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux the C.A.P.C (website). There are two prints that measure nine meters hign each like this one: View.

How does the future look for your work?
Do you Know what tomorrow is made of? Because I don’t.

If you would like to see more of Michel’s work you can do so by looking up the following links…



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